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    UK institutions using Live@edu SkyDrive has been upgraded



    Today Microsoft launched a update to its amazing SkyDrive services, the updates include speed boosts, a revamped UI, and improvements to photo viewing.

    SkyDrive is a service bundled into Microsoft Live services which all UK Academic receive for free if they provide the Microsoft Live@edu services.

    Windows Live enables you to do the things that are important to you, such as staying connected with all your friends. Read your friends’ status messages with the “What’s New” feed, or chat with them using Windows Live Messenger online, on your desktop, or via mobile. Windows Live includes Photo Gallery, SkyDrive, Windows Live Messenger, Movie Maker, and more. It’s the place where you can share photos, files, e-mail, and socialize with friends.

    The latest version is a update to the SkyDrive services which is now  almost four-year-old service has cut wait time on actions like clicking folders, from six to nine seconds down to 100 to 300 milliseconds.

    The updated software also features H.264 video playback, a navigation system and a single view for files, docs, and photos.

    A video tour of its SkyDrive cloud based services below. For tips on using SkyDrive more effectively click here

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    Were looking for Microsoft Student Partners

    Applications are now open!

    The Microsoft Student Partner Programme recognises top young minds from around the world that are passionate about technology. It's a once in a lifetime opportunity to develop real-world skills to help you succeed in your future career, to help others learn about the technology of today and tomorrow, and to connect with other like-minded students, all whilst having a ton of fun along the way. The program is our way of encouraging students who are interested in building a closer relationship with Microsoft, and those who are simply hooked on technology, or talking about it to others to develop their skills further.


    So what exactly is a Microsoft Student Partner?

    As a team we are responsible for helping students and start-ups design, create and publish great quality apps for Windows 8, Windows Azure and Windows Phone. An MSP’s role is to help us achieve this by:

    • creating great quality apps
    • writing great content we can use to showcase student talent
    • co-delivering content with us at events

    So we are looking for students who:

    • are experienced software developers
    • are passionate about developer technology and for Microsoft
    • are able to prove this passion
    • you have written a .NET/HTML5/JavaScript application
    • are at a UK university and over 18
    • have the support of a faculty member
    • are able to articulate technology to a crowd

    We do want to encourage discussion and debate about technology and hence your experiences and opinions are extremely valuable. If you want to share your passion and develop industry-leading skills, we want to hear from you.

    What will you get in return?

    As part of your role as an MSP you will receive the following

    • an MSDN subscription
    • monthly Lync calls with the UK Academic team
    • technical education sessions organised on-line
    • the ability to showcase your skills to a wider audience though Microsoft promoting your apps and skills to the wider student and developer community
    • increased visibility in your university (dependant on you driving this with your faculty contact)

    How do we select MSPs?

    The application process will open in August 2012 and we’ll review applications in September. Subsequent selection will take place until the end of December 2012.


    To consider applying for the MSP Program, you must be:

    • Over 18 years of age.
    • Studying a full-time course at an officially recognised university in the UK.
    • Have the support of a Faculty Member or a Professional within the technology industry.
    • Everyone needs to have published at least one app in a Microsoft MarketPlace or Store (Windows Phone, Windows 8, Azure application)
    • If you have an app in the design stage you can become an MSP on probation for 3 months until your app gets published

    What are we looking for?

    All MSPs should have the following basic qualities:

    • Passionate about technology and what it can do
    • Someone who loves to learn
    • Be part of an active and vibrant network


    • Demonstrates a high degree of responsibility, honesty, and integrity
    • Good rapport with faculty and students studying other disciplines
    • Willing to share knowledge & eager to educate and inspire others
    • High level of social activity, both online & offline
    • Willingness to support and organise university events and involve the local community

    What’s the fine print?

    • The time commitment is somewhat variable and depends on you and the activity but it might be somewhere between 1-3 hours/week.
    • Students must be enrolled fulltime in an accredited academic institution within the UK.
    • In order for new people to be accepted onto the programme we expect prospective MSPs to provide some evidence that you have the desire, capacity and willingness to share your passion for technology.
    • If we find it is not meeting your needs then MSPs are free to leave the programme at any time
    • Microsoft retains the right to exclude people from the programme at any time.
    • Your details will not be used for any other marketing purpose.

    How to apply?

    Applications for the 2012-2013 Academic Year are now open. To apply for the Microsoft UK MSP programme, please refer to the competencies required and the responsibilities above.

    Complete the application form by clicking here.

    ·You will need to provide contact details from an academic member of your department or the professional who you have worked with in the technology industry

    Contact Us

    For all questions regarding the Microsoft UK program, please email ukmsp@microsoft.com

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    Getting Started with Azure webinar every Tuesday lunchtime: live demos of Websites, Cloud Services, VMs and Mobile Services



    The Microsoft UK team are spending every Tuesday to teach you how to use free cloud computing resources from Microsoft Azure cloud  and cloud computing concepts.

    So why not learn how to develop beautiful, interactive and fast websites using Microsoft web tools and platform!

    You also have the option of attending our physical Camp so here is a list of our events for Sept and Oct.








    London CP


    Web Camp

    At this Web Camp, you’ll learn how to develop beautiful, interactive and fast web sites using Microsoft’s web tools and platform. You will also learn how to deploy and scale your web sites with the cloud.





    Getting Started With Azure

    The Azure Weekly runs every Tuesday from 12:30 – 13:30 (UK timezone) and is aimed at the techie who has not yet had any/much exposure to Azure but who just wants a leg-up to get started.





    Getting Started With Azure

    The Azure Weekly runs every Tuesday from 12:30 – 13:30 (UK timezone) and is aimed at the techie who has not yet had any/much exposure to Azure but who just wants a leg-up to get started.





    Getting Started With Azure & Guest Speaker Richard Conway from Elasta Cloud – Big Data

    The Azure Weekly runs every Tuesday from 12:30 – 13:30 (UK timezone) and is aimed at the techie who has not yet had any/much exposure to Azure but who just wants a leg-up to get started. We have invited Richard Conway, MVP for Azure, to show you how to get started with Machine Learning on Azure





    Getting Started With Azure & Game Development  Guest Speaker L.Deane Gateway Interactive

    The Azure Weekly runs every Tuesday from 12:30 – 13:30 (UK timezone) and is aimed at the Game Developer who has not yet had any/much exposure to Azure Cloud Services





    Getting Started With Azure & Guest Speaker P.Norris from Madfellows

    The Azure Weekly runs every Tuesday from 12:30 – 13:30 (UK timezone) and is aimed at Game Developers who just wants a leg-up to get started. Madfellows use Azure cloud for game data storage and content distribution. Speaker soon!





    Building Websites With Azure

    New to Azure? Are you a web developer? Find out how you can use tools in Visual Studio to deploy websites into Azure. This introductory webinar will teach you everything you need to know about getting up and running and developing web applications in Azure


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    Looking forward to three thing game at the University of Hull


    ThreeThingGame LogoT Win8_logo MonogameLogo100x100

    Here are the list of teams and the three thing game words which must be used within their games


    Team Name





    A Druish Princess



    wearing glasses

    Aint no partly like a kambham-party



    copyright infringement

    Beta Jester




    Battle Brothers

    Something beginning with P






    In the rain





    C Hash

    Keyboard cat


    at midnight

    Chicken Dippers







    Gangnam Style

    Did you mean "Uncle Mikes Recursive Prolog Party?"




    Double Jump


    Bath Sponge


    Fresh Pot



    At the Zoo

    Honeybadger Productions




    Left 4 Dev





    Evil Wizard

    Cricket Bat

    in the graveyard



    Bus Stop


    Men On A Mission



    With a moustache

    Michael Jacksons Indian Takeaway



    Teddy Bear

    Mr. Parse



    Four Letter Word


    Daft Punk

    Rhymes with Truck


    No Method(), No Class{}



    under attack

    Pigs Might Fly








    Red Light:Green Light


    Nick Cage

    wearing a tutu

    Rusty Spoons




    Sheerware Games











    Swimming Pool

    Team HAL 9000



    goes fishing

    Team Plan B



    word processor

    Team Titans



    find love

    The C Hashes




    The Compilers


    Atom Bomb

    bike ride

    The Cosmic Corn Snacks




    The Infamous Two Sirs


    Plug hole


    The Runners Up



    Light cycles

    The Y-Nots!




    Three Men


    Kung Fu

    plays piano

    Three Game'o'holics



    In a Dress


    My favourite has to be Team HAL 9000. With Dragon, Spider, goes fishing that could be interesting.. and really excited by the Windows 8 games which are going to be produced.

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    Power of the Cloud for Research



    Microsoft BizSpark, Techila Technologies have published a selection of new video explaining how cloud computing might be able to boost researchers success and innovation.  As changes and enhancements in cloud computing progress at such a rapid rate its important as researchers and academics you understand where businesses and the markets are going and adapt your research and teaching to take advantage of the opportunities. As we are all aware the UK education system is presented with a number of financial and resource constraints, so  its important for us all to identify and deploy the best possible tools.

    The Power of the Azure Cloud with Techila and Microsoft Azure

    This tutorial shows how to set up Techila Server on Windows Azure cloud platform. The Techila Deployment Tool for Windows Azure enables deployment of a Techila HPC environment for distributed computing in minutes.

    Related documents available at www.techilatechnologies.com.

    Examples of Azure Power



    Increase the performance of your MATLAB applications with Techila middleware, in the following example see the impact of 200 CPU cores of Windows Azure cloud platform power. This video demonstrates distributing heavy stochastic structures with Cloudfor method.

    As your all aware Modelling, simulation, optimisation and data-analysis applications often spend a great part of their running times in for loop structures.

    Techila is the missing link between applications and the capacity of the clouds. If you use Monte Carlo methods, stochastic simulation based optimization, or data analysis, the opportunity of using Techila and Azure will be easily rewarded in time and resource savings.


    Fast 3D animation rendering with Blender in the cloud ( www.blender.org ). 

    In this demo we show how to use Techila middleware to connect a renderer to the capacity of Windows Azure compute instances. We will scale the performance of rendering and animating a render project with Techila and cloud capacity. This will allow you to use cloud as your on-demand renderfarm.
    Techila middleware enables powering new and existing application with the infinite capacity of cloud.

    Techila provides automatic distribution of workloads with an unparalleled experience and shielding from complexity.

    Windows Azure

    The Windows Azure Educator Grants are now broadly available. Educators from around the world can apply for the grant through the Azure in Education page on the Windows Azure web site and benefit from free access, with no Credit Card required, to the Windows Azure platform for a 150-day period for yourselves, your teaching assistants, and your students

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    Well what are you doing this weekend? I may be breaking a record..



    Windows 8 Game Apps - World Record attempt for the Largest GameJam in a single location

    Friday, Sept 14th to Sunday, Sept 16th

    University of Bedfordshire, Luton

    For the past few weeks we have been working closely with a specialised gaming institution called Train2Game to ensure that their students are firstly aware and secondly up to speed on developing beautiful stunning and awesome games on Windows 8.

    So this weekend Microsoft will be supporting Train2Game. Guinness World Record Attempt GameJam.

    Yes… we have taken over the University of Bedfordshire in Luton for the weekend. The University IT Team have successfully upgraded to Windows 8 and Visual Studio 2012 via DreamSpark premium.

    The IT team have built a custom image and have successfully deployed this to the current PC estate for use throughout the event.


    All the PC’s located in the computer labs and study spaces are now Windows 8 and the event images compromises of Windows 8 RTM, Visual Studio Ultimate RTM and various design and graphics packages and tools necessary to build amazing games.

    The event will  start on Friday and last for the next 48 hours we have over 330 game development students, these students will work in teams developing Windows 8 Game Apps using only C++ and DirectX.  A unknown theme will be announced at the keynote by Scott Henson of MS Studios and officials from Guinness World Records will be present throughout the event adjudicating the proceedings.  The existing World Record is held by Singapore at 301 game developers so we will all hopefully be successful record breakers on Sunday.

    In preparing for the Game Jam the 330+ students have, for the past six weeks, been developing Windows 8 games to practise their skills.  These 330+ students can also now take advantage of these skills and build and deploy games for FREE to the Windows Store using their DreamSpark subscriptions which provide them free developer accounts for the Windows Store and Windows Phone MarketPlace.

    The experience and our involvement will help encourage them continue developing games in C++ and DirectX for Windows 8 and  Windows Phone 8.  Give the students some real practical example of working within teams and provide them with evidence and portfolios of real apps, with user ratings and feedbacks which they can then use to demonstrate skills to potential employers.

    We are also working with Train2Game in building a Windows 8/Phone 8 Game Development module for their 9,000 students to take as an option on their Degree/Masters courses.

    Happy coding! Oh yes, I will be playing some of the games developed on Sunday. So expect more details after I have recovered from sleep deprivation.

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    New SSD based Azure Cloud Services announced perfect for Virtual Machines and Cloud Services




    The new D instances have solid-state disk (SSD)-based local drives and faster processors relative to many of the A-series instances.

    The D-series instances can be used as VMs, as well as web or worker roles in Cloud Services, and are well suited for applications that demand faster CPU performance, local disk performance, or higher memories. Please note that the SSD drives in the D-series are non-persistent.

      Following are the CPU, memory, and disk configurations of the D-series instances:

           Name   Number of vCPUs   Memory (GB)   SSD Local Disk (GB)  
      General Purpose  
      STANDARD_D1   1   3.5   50  
      STANDARD_D2   2   7   100  
      STANDARD_D3   4   14   200  
      STANDARD_D4   8   28   400  
      Memory Intensive  
      STANDARD_D11   2   14   100  
      STANDARD_D12   4   28   200  
      STANDARD_D13   8   56   400  
      STANDARD_D14   16   112   800  



    For more information, visit the Virtual Machines webpage.

    To get a comprehensive look at pricing, visit the Virtual Machines Pricing Details webpage

    If you are new to Cloud and Azure try Azure with a Free one month trial* Sign-up for free and get €150 to spend on all Azure services http://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/pricing/free-trial/

    Want to learn more about Cloud Services undertake one of our FREE Microsoft Virtual Academy Session http://www.microsoftvirtualacademy.com

    Free on a Tuesday attend one of our UK specific, learning Webinar http://blogs.msdn.com/b/uk_faculty_connection/archive/2014/09/19/getting-started-with-azure-webinar-every-tuesday-lunchtime-live-demos-of-websites-cloud-services-vms-and-mobile-services.aspx

    If your a educator or researcher you apply for a FREE Azure academic pass from www.windowsazure.com/education

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    UK Students Help Microsoft understand and support your use of DreamSpark





    We need to know that you value DreamSpark  help us, help the next generation of students

    We are inviting students to complete a short survey to help us better understand how the DreamSpark programme is supporting your skills development, learning outcomes and career potential. We would like to understand what range of applications and tools have been of use to you, how often you use them and how effective they have been in supporting your skills development. Most importantly, we would like to understand how effective access to DreamSpark has been in supporting your coursework and test results. You also have a chance to let us know about any particularly positive or negative experiences you have had so we can ensure that in the future we are delivering an even better service.


    We are only looking for a few minutes of your time and all responses remain anonymous. Just to give you a little more of an incentive to help us gather this data we are offering one lucky student an Xbox360. Just click here

    The student questionnaire is at http://nerp241b1.questionpro.com

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    Microsoft Research So.cl Social Networks for Learning


    Developed by the team behind KODO, an elegant and simple visual programming language, So.cl is now open for registrations. So.cl offers a unique take on search and social networking and is designed to give students the ability to network with their peers and both share information and collaborate more easily online.


    More importantly, So.cl is designed to offer a secure environment for students to discover new topics of interest and share this with their classmates and beyond. A global classroom or study group is potentially now only a click away!

    Users log in to the network with their Facebook or Windows Live accounts, and are then presented with a range of topic areas that they can learn more about and share with their friends and wider network. Search being a focal point of the service also makes it easy to find new content based around the topics they are currently studying or passionate about and add these to their So.cl profile page. Furthermore, the addition of a So.cl "bookmarklet" makes sharing additional content that users discover online to their So.cl network a simple and streamlined process.

    The ability to add and curate video parties and collaborate around this content with friends is a also a particularly compelling and interesting feature and look forward to seeing how this is embraced within the community.

    Ultimately, with research now primarily being carried out online So.cl offers learners an interesting aggregation tool to collect and share the resources they discover on Facebook and Wikipedia etc to fellow learners and likeminded connections on the site. We will be watching the service closely and will be sharing additional content on the blog over the coming weeks.

    In the meantime, you can learn more about So.cl over at http://www.so.cl/

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    Need a Linux, WordPress, Ubuntu or other open source VM for your Azure IaaS implementation? the Answer is easy check out VM Depot



    VM Depot—find, deploy, and share images for Windows Azure

    VM Depot is a community-driven catalogue of preconfigured operating systems, applications, and development stacks that can easily be deployed on Windows Azure. Find your favourite software and deploy it in minutes, or join the community, build a virtual machine image, and share it with others. Learn more.


    VM Depot is brought to you by Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc. a subsidiary of Microsoft Corporation.

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