I got an email from Sergei over the holidays drawing my attention to a new application of his called AppTracker. It turns out that Sergei used to work for Microsoft but he’s now started his own company, VerySoftware Ltd and has already published a couple of interesting Windows Phone 7 apps.

The first is Polyglot – a personal translator which has been receiving rave reviews on the Marketplace.


The other, and the subject of this post, is AppTracker, a tool for helping you keep track of Windows Phone 7 app reviews on the Marketplace.

AppTracker1 AppTracker2

You can quickly search for an application, read the reviews and add to your follow list. This allows you to keep track of apps you’re interested in (yours and the competition?) and see when new reviews have been added. It’s a handy utility for anyone publishing apps to the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace.

I did have a couple of problems using the app – the UI is not always as responsive as it could be and it did crash a couple of times when viewing apps with a lot of reviews. Hopefully these issues will be sorted in a future update. In the meantime, the application is currently available for free on the Marketplace.

Direct Zune link for AppTracker | Direct Zune link for Polyglot