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May, 2007

  • Microsoft UK Schools blog

    Grava - what's in a codename?


    Is it me, or is there a random code-name generator somewhere in Microsoft. A but like those big clunky ones that sit in the cellars of the Ministry of Defence in Whitehall? (Okay, I know it's not true, but hey)

    Today's code name is Grava - something which shouldn't really have a codename at this point, because (a) it's public information and (b) we talked about it to lots of people at the BETT show in January.

    "Grava" is the code name for a new set of tools from the Microsoft Education Products Group (based over in Redmond in the States) that is designed to allow the education community to create and assemble interactive materials that will increase discovery and allow learners to go at their own pace and learning style.

    It's a great thing to go with your virtual learning environment (whichever one you choose), and the reason I thought I'd mention it now is that I've heard that you can sign yourself up for the early adopter programme (the CTP programme) on the website. This means you can play around with it, see what it does, and decide whether it's going to be something that will help your students and staff.

    The "Grava" tools that are scheduled for release later in 2007:

    • "Grava" Player—The "Grava" player enables users to view the rich interactive content created in "Grava" Authoring.
    • Developer Tools—The "Grava" SDK is built on Silverlight (aah, not a code word but a real name - the code word for Silverlight was WPF/E) and provides a programming model and tools for building rich educational experiences.
    • Authoring—"Grava" Authoring allows users to create interactive and stimulating non-linear projects to view in the "Grava" player.
    • Services—"Grava" provides an array of services which complement the authoring, SDK and player components. These services include the ability to do assessments, log results, and create intelligent learning solutions.
  • Microsoft UK Schools blog

    Come and visit our campus for the SharePoint Applications Showcase for education – 25th June; Thames Valley Park


    My colleague, Mark A'Bear ran a SharePoint day in March, for schools to hear from different companies that were developing software sitting on top of the SharePoint web portal. In all, 120 schools attended, and he's now running a second day, involving a further 20 partners. They'll be showing examples of Search, MIS, ePortfolio, VLE and Library Management applications on SharePoint. The event will focus on ‘show’ rather than ‘tell’, and there's plenty of chance to talk to people in more detail - either from the software partners or from Microsoft. Oh, and it's free!

    It's on the 25th June, at the Thames Valley Microsoft Campus in Reading. To register call the booking desk on on 0870 166 6680, and quote the event reference number, (big breath) 1032338563, or register online

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