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January, 2009

  • The Visual Basic Team

    An Updated Screensaver Example (Matt Gertz)

    I’ve just completed a task that I set out to do about five years ago, and I am pretty proud (and tired)! I have just finished scanning in every single photo that I’ve acquired over my 40+ years of life, fixing up their dates to reflect the date when the...
  • The Visual Basic Team

    New WPF "How Do I" Video on Formatting Data Entry (Beth Massi)

    Today we released a new How Do I Video onto the VB Dev Center on how to format controls on data entry forms using the IValueConverter like I showed on my blog here . The IValueConverter allows you full control over the display of the data as well as the...
  • The Visual Basic Team

    Happy New Year! (Lisa Feigenbaum)

    On behalf of the Microsoft Visual Basic team, I'd like to wish all of our readers a happy & healthy new year. We truly enjoy getting to know you through your comments and emails, so here's an opportunity to say "thanks"!         ...
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