Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2010

Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2010

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Crystal Reports has been a part of Visual Basic since 1993, and a part of Visual Studio since its first release in 2002. Crystal Reports has been a very successful component of these products. With the release of Visual Studio 2010, SAP and Microsoft have mutually decided to change how we deliver this important component to the .NET developer community going forward.


Starting on Friday, April 16th, the beta version of Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2010 will be available as a separate download from this site.  Just like when Crystal Reports was integrated into the  Visual Studio installation, this download will continue to be free.


Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2010 will contain many new features compared to Crystal Reports Basic for Visual Studio 2008.  This blog on the SAP Developer Network goes into more detail on the new features and how they benefit report designers, .NET developers, and report consumers.


Both SAP and Microsoft believe this change in delivery method will allow for faster innovation of our respective products, and more value for our mutual customers. 

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  • Great to see these products are decoupled. Hopefully it will push Crystal Report to be a competitive product or at least reduce the number of organizations that use it simply because it bundled with VS.

  • SAP is delivering a beta product. The release is expected in Q3 (usually means Q4), so I have to wait for it - I cannot make production with a Beta.

    So, no VS2010 for me this year.

    No Crystal release in 64 bits = No Visual Studio.

  • Theo uploaded a good comment . i agree to this point

  • No Crystal release = No Visual Studio Upgrade

  • Hi all,

    Thank you for your comments. We understand the importance of the Crystal release to your Visual Studio development, and are working to make this free download available as soon as possible.



  • Oh, com'on guys, beta is all the fad these days, just look at google. MS is just trying to replicate that success story, clone google, clone Apple, they don't really care you can't push beta components past zealots in risk management. Its your responsability to help MS and SAP by convincing your local CIO that beta is the new RTM and a way to go forward.

  • Stuff it, I'm gonna bit the bullet and go with the beta. From the testing I've done, I can only see minor problems (and I've upgraded a 2003 visual studio project)

    Some minor issues:

    1. Need to add mixed assemble mode to app.config

    2. If you do a SetDataSource AFTER you set your parameters, the parameters get reset to empty (a pain but easy enough to fix)

    By next week I wanna start getting selective users to work on the 2010 version of the app

    Anyone else going to go live with the beta or picked up any issues? Will appreciate any thoughts

  • I run VS 2010 on a W7 ultimate x64. I've downloaded the beta, run the installation, the installation finalice succesfully but when I whant to create a report file with VS 2010 is like never been installed, the SAP page appears telling me that I have to download this beta.

  • Nicolás, what you describe should work, but it sounds like something may have gone wrong with the Crystal Reports beta installation. To help you, SAP has a forum for troubleshooting beta issues at I would encourage you to post your issue on that forum and you should be able to get some help to figure out why the beta is not working for you.

    Douglas Yung

    Visual Studio Languages

  • You may encounter this problem if you are using  VS2010 in any language other than English. The beta supports English only (this certainly won't be the case in the final releasE).

    As Doug mentioned, please post here: if you have any questions.

  • It is giving me some headaches because mos part of my programs have been written using CR but now that I am changing to XtraReports ( y understand how important is to keep the things in a seperate way. It its painfull but necessary.

  • i am facing some problem here, after installing crystal reports it allows  me to desigh the report but when i start Debugging it says i haven't added references to CrystalDecisions.dll, i added it stil the problem persists.

  • how to create a crystal report in vs2010

  • I downloaded crystal report beta2 for vs 2010 but I get this Error: Cannot install product to C:\programfiles\sap businessobjects\. This product is not compatible with the existing installation. Please any solution.

  • Hi Radhikab, in order to use Crystal Reports with Visual Studio 2010, you need to download and install a Visual Studio 2010 compatible version of Crystal Reports. You can download the latest Crystal Reports build available by going to Once you install Crystal Reports, you will once again be able to use Crystal Reports with Visual Studio 2010.

    Douglas Yung

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