Visual C++ Orcas Feature Specifications online

Visual C++ Orcas Feature Specifications online

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To allow customers to evaluate and plan for our upcoming "Visual Studio Orcas" release (and to highlight exactly what we have accomplished), we are sharing our Orcas Feature Specifications as soon as features make it out the door – either via a Community Technology Preview (CTP) or, in the future, as part of an Orcas Beta. The March CTP was a big milestone for Visual C++ - almost all our Orcas features are now available via this CTP. So now it is your chance to look over our specifications (and, via our CTP, their implementation) and see what we will be delivering. Please go the ‘Feature Specifications for Visual Studio and .NET Framework "Orcas" webpage’ and scrolled down to the Visual C++ section to see just what we have been up to (or look at the other sections to see what everyone else has been doing too!)

Online, you can now get specifications for:

You will need an XPS viewer to read these files, downloadable at:



There are also some channel 9 videos on some of these new features (and other aspects of the work we are currently doing):

There are two more videos in the pipeline too. And you can also find out more about our Orcas features via team member posts on this blog, for example:

Let us know what you think!



Damien Watkins

  • It would have been nice to see what was in store for us.  A shame we can't read it without breaking our IT policy. Ho hum.

  • Antes de ayer el Visual C++ Team publicó en su blog una entrada contándonos las novedades que el futuro

  • Come on people...  Posting stuff in XPS?  Isn't this a WEB site?  That's annoying...  I won't be reading it.

  • The XPS format is just plain dumb.  Can you please use something different like Word

  • I too use Win2000 at work. It took several days to borrow someone else's XP system just to view these files.

    However, even with the XPS viewer, I had trouble opening the documents. The XPS viewer that installs with .Net 3 apparently noted that Firefox was the default browser. So opening the files either via a link or direct from the hard disk attempts to open it in Firefox. Of course Firefox can not handle the .Net viewer. Strangely, the viewer makes Firefox endlessly open tabs in a loop. Fun...

    Manually opening the files in IE worked, but it was much, much slower than PDF. HTML would be ideal, followed by plain text.

    With all of the problems listed above, you really are making it difficult to read those files.

  • Come on folks, we are just test staff for the big M.

  • Quote:

    You will need an XPS viewer to read these files, downloadable at:

    Thanks. However, the viewer is not available for my system: Windows 2000.

    Could you not provide the specifications in a common format that all can read? I can understand Microsoft's reluctance to PDF, but how about plain text or HTML? Other's above have expressed similar frustration.

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  • Many of my current ISVs use C# and VB.NET as their main development languages but there remains a huge

  • I can't see why to change to Orcas if you are using Visual Studio 2005 today for non CLR c++.

    Some vista support and Multi-processor builds could be usefull, but TR1 would make the difference. I can't se any reason for not adding it since almost everything will be included in the next standard.

  • Hi, I was wondering about partial types and what about LINQ, WPF, WCF and WF support!?

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  • This XPS push is getting really annoying! There are already a ton of formats and viewers out there and I don't need another one.

    I have downloaded the XPS viewer for XP and it turns out that now I also need MSXML 6.

    NO THANKS! If it is too difficult to use a popular format such as PDF, HTML or even DOC then don't bother publishing these documents, I won't read them.

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