Visual C++ 2008 Feature Pack Released!

Visual C++ 2008 Feature Pack Released!

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The final release of the Visual C++ 2008 Feature Pack is now available for download.  This release provides several exciting features for C++ developers, such as a major update to MFC and an implementation of TR1.  These features are fully covered under Microsoft’s standard support policies.  


The Feature Pack is available free of charge to any Visual Studio 2008 Standard or above customer. The download can be found at 


Using the included MFC components, developers can create applications with the “look & feel” of Microsoft’s most popular products – Microsoft Office, Visual Studio and Internet Explorer.  Some of the interesting MFC components in the Feature Pack include:


·         Office 2007 Ribbon Bar:  Ribbon, Pearl, Quick Access Toolbar, Status Bar, etc.

·         Office 2003 and XP look:  Office-style toolbars and menus, Outlook-style shortcut bar, print preview, live font picker, color picker, etc.

·         Visual Studio look:  sophisticated docking functionality, auto hide windows, property grids, MDI tabs, tab groups, etc.

·         Internet Explorer look:  Rebars and task panes

·         Vista theme support

·         “On the fly” menus and toolbar customization:  users can customize the running application through live drag and drop of menu items and toolbar buttons

·         Shell management classes:  use these classes to enumerate folders, drives and items, browse for folders and more


More information on our new MFC support can be found at the sites below:


       MFC documentation & walkthroughs    

       Channel 9: New Updates to MFC


TR1 (“Technical Report 1”) is a set of proposed additions to the C++0x standard.  Our implementation of TR1 contains a number of important features such as smart pointers, regular expression parsing, containers (tuple, array, unordered set, etc) and sophisticated random number generators.


More information on TR1 can be found at the sites below:


       TR1 documentation              

       Channel 9: Digging into TR1 

       TR1 slide decks (recommended)            


This Feature Pack is only supported on systems which have the English language (ENU) version of Visual Studio 2008 Standard Edition or above installed. Support for systems with non-English versions of Visual Studio 2008 installed will be available with Visual Studio 2008 Service Pack 1.

 The documentation for this feature pack has already been added  to MSDN online and will be included with the local MSDN documentation with SP1.


Enjoy all this new functionality!



Visual C++ Development Team

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  • Hi Tom,

    We are targeting to have MSDN articles released soon.


    Ayman Shoukry

  • Hi, unfortunately installation fails on an English language system which have different regional settings. I've English Vista x64  and an English language VS2008 Team Developer Edition. My user account's regional settings are set to German. Setup fails with an error message after extracting file, but before showing the setup GUI. It works after switching Vista's regional settings to en-us.

  • Hi,

    I'm afraid that installation crashes on a german vista with an english VS2008. Can anybody help?

  • [Mathias]

    > Is it possible to just use the new STL (tr1) stuff and keep the standard vs2008 MFC ?

    Yes - there is no interaction between TR1 and MFC.  Using TR1 doesn't force you to use the updated MFC (or MFC, period).

    No - you can't patch TR1 without also patching MFC.


    > I would like to deploy dynamically linked apps using Installshield.  I will need merge modules for the new library files.

    > Are they available?

    They are indeed part of the Feature Pack.

    [Dave Johansen]

    > I think that this is an exciting release, but it should be made available

    > to Express edition users as well. Maybe the MFC components can't be

    > released to the Express edition, but the TR1 stuff definitely should be.

    TR1 is integrated into VC9 SP1 and VC10.


    > Does anyone know exactly what has changed since the pre-released Feature Pack?

    Lots and lots of bugfixes. For example, in the Beta, linking together two source files that each included <tuple> would fail with "multiply defined symbols". We fixed that thanks to Beta feedback.

    Stephan T. Lavavej

    Visual C++ Libraries Developer

  • Sorry, forgot to mention: Installation crashes before showing setup UI. Switching regional settings to en-us (thanks Martin!) won't work either. It seems that there is a problem of loading a resource dll. The exact error message is: Unable to load UI satellite DLL SPInstallerResources.1031.dll



  • not worth to get happy. those such libraries make improve GUI only, not the inside quality.

    bad job of MS.

  • The feature pack is missing updates to the IA64 libraries.  The odd thing is that an updated vcredist_IA64.exe is available.

  • "The Feature Pack is available free of charge to any Visual Studio 2008 Standard or above customer."

    Is not.  Read the page:  'Support for systems with non-English versions of Visual Studio 2008 installed will be available in Visual Studio 2008 Service Pack 1.'  Now will that come out this year?

  • I've installed the Feature Pack and noticed that in the redist folder, my manifest files didn't get updated.

    For example, in the following folder:

    E:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\VC\redist\x86\Microsoft.VC90.MFC

    The manifest file Microsoft.VC90.MFC.manifest contains version 9.0.21022.8 and is dated last November (when I install VS 2008).  However, mfc90.dll details property page contains:


    Seems to me that this is a problem and you can't use the redist packages as is.

    Anyone else notice this?

    One other (possibly important) detail:

    Prior to loading this feature pack, I installed VS patches from KB944899 and KB946581.

  • Where can I download the documentation for this feature pack, I don't want to always use the online help when I am need help for this new stuff.

  • There was a promise back in time that this feature pack was to be made available for Visual Studio 2005 as well. Is this still true?

  • Installation doesn't work here (VS2008 Pro English, Vista x64 German), but I could send an error report. Fails with unknown error even after a fresh reboot.

  • What about completing the ISO C 99 support?

  • Answering couple of the questions:

    1) The feature pack is focused on x86 & x64

    2) We are investigating the installation issues, some folks tried changing the locale to English and the installation then worked ( might help).


    Ayman Shoukry

  • ==================================


    > If we are already using BCGSoft's BCGControlBar library. Will we get any conflict ?

    No, you will not get any conflict.  All of the classes have been renamed so there should

    be no name conflicts with any of the BCGSoft classes.



    > I use BCG Pro in my app years ago,

    > but with this update how can i upgrade it ? any tutorial to do so ?

    We do not have a tutorial on upgrading from using the BCGSoft libraries to using MFC.

    In many cases you just need to change the class names--many of the method names remain

    the same.  We may look into providing a mapping from BCGSoft to MFC class names.


    [Leo Davidson]

    > Any plans for Win32 API versions of those controls (which don't already have Win32 API versions, of course)?

    > Not everyone uses/likes MFC, and MFC can use native controls, so it seems a shame that they are made for MFC

    > rather than native Win32 API (with an optional thin MFC wrapper for those who want it).

    MFC will continue to wrap any new Windows controls, so if Windows includes controls that have similar

    functionality to the MFC controls, there will be wrappers available so you can choose between using

    the Windows control and the MFC control.



    > The feature pack is missing updates to the IA64 libraries.

    > The odd thing is that an updated vcredist_IA64.exe is available.

    The IA64 versions of the MFC libraries and runtimes are still at the RTM level.

    They do not include the feature pack updates to MFC.


    [Mikael Pahmp]

    > There was a promise back in time that this feature pack was to be made available for Visual Studio 2005 as well.

    > Is this still true?

    I don't know of any plans to release a feature pack for VS2005 that would include this new support.


    Pat Brenner

    Visual C++ Libraries Development

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