February, 2010

Creating cloud-connected
"intelligent" elevators
with Microsoft Azure services
Introducing Microsoft
Azure Intelligent
Systems Service
How big data
creates new
marketing options
for retailers
Enabling productivity
with the
Internet of Things



  • Windows Embedded Blog

    Windows Embedded Standard 7 Localization Language Setup and Support


    Windows Embedded Standard 7 adopts same localization model as the Windows 7. Basically, language resources are completely separated from the code, enabling a worldwide binary which does not require localization in all supported language. All localizable resources are packaged in the form of language pack, and Standard 7consists of language neutral image plus language packs.



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  • Windows Embedded Blog

    Creating a Template

    A while back JT talked about Application Templates for Image Configuration Editor and the resources and community that we’re building around them. I wanted to explain how to create a template for ICE and clarify any questions you might have.

    Templates are functionally just like answer files, but are meant to represent some functionality or subset that you would like to have available or share to build upon. ICE can take these templates and merge them into the answer file you are currently working with, as well as export them to share with other people, like on our new Application Templates web page. This allows you to work with images at a higher level of abstraction, grouping things such as drivers needed for your various models of devices, flagship 3rd party apps that have had their dependencies fully analyzed and tested, audio and visual packages needed for kiosk or gaming machine bases, etc.

    To create a template, create an answer file as you normally would, then save it in the Templates folder (or any subfolder under it) of the distribution share in which you created it. The distribution share pane will then refresh and show your template in the pane.


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