February, 2011

Creating cloud-connected
"intelligent" elevators
with Microsoft Azure services
Introducing Microsoft
Azure Intelligent
Systems Service
How big data
creates new
marketing options
for retailers
Enabling productivity
with the
Internet of Things



  • Windows Embedded Blog

    Pin The Tail On That Spec

    Recently I had a conversation with a young engineer who seemed to be of the opinion that there were better things to do than waste time writing requirement specifications. I asked “Like what?” and in response I heard a list of things which included “triaging bugs.”

    “Really, you think that?”

    Youngsters today, where do they get these silly ideas from? Perhaps from misguided professors who are hip on all the new great software engineering advances like Agile and Extreme development. I’ve been in engineering for, well, a very long time and have seen a lot of different development processes. The one thing I can tell you, unequivocally, is that if a team doesn’t have a common vision for their deliverable, they are sunk (ask me some day about “brilliant weapons”).


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  • Windows Embedded Blog

    Support Lifecycle Transitions for Windows XP Embedded

    Please note the important support transitions happening for Windows XP Embedded.

    Support for Windows XP Embedded Platforms on Service Pack 2

    Support for Windows XP Embedded SP2 ended January 11, 2011—the date established upon the release of Windows XP Embedded SP3 in November, 2008. Support for both Windows XP Embedded Feature Pack 2007 and Windows XP Embedded Update Rollup 1.0 on SP2 also retired on that date. This announcement is in line with the Microsoft Support Lifecycle policy for Service Packs, which states that when a new service pack is released, Microsoft will provide 24 months of support for the previous service pack.


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