March, 2011

Creating cloud-connected
"intelligent" elevators
with Microsoft Azure services
Introducing Microsoft
Azure Intelligent
Systems Service
How big data
creates new
marketing options
for retailers
Enabling productivity
with the
Internet of Things



  • Windows Embedded Blog

    Regenerating Answer File from an Existing Device Using PkgScn and TAP

    While the typical development scenario for Windows Embedded Standard 7 is to first create an Answer File in Image Configuration Editor (ICE) and then deploy that to a device, it is also possible to do the reverse and generate an Answer File from an existing device.

    There are several cases where this is useful:

    • The original Answer File has been lost
    • Updates have been installed directly to the device (through Windows Update or manually), and you would like to replicate the configuration (including all updates) to install to other devices


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