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  • Windows Embedded Blog

    Maximizing Internet Explorer in Windows Embedded Compact 7

    Posted By David Campbell
    Program Manager

    I’d like to welcome Doug Boling back as a guest blogger. Doug has another interesting topic this month, the customization of Windows Embedded Compact’s Internet Explorer for Embedded. As a quick introduction again, Doug has been working for many years with Windows Embedded Compact and Windows Embedded CE. He is an author, trainer and consultant specializing in Windows Embedded Compact and CE. Doug also does monthly webcasts on a variety of Windows Embedded Compact topics, like this one, that I would encourage you to check out. You can learn more about Doug by visiting his website at

    Windows Embedded Compact has a customized version of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer named Internet Explorer (IE) for Embedded. This powerful browser can be used in a number of ways in an embedded system to enhance the functionality of the system. This post will discuss the various ways to tune, customize and even embed IE for Embedded inside embedded applications.

    IE for Embedded is a customized version of Internet Explorer 7 for the desktop with performance enhancements from IE 8 added as well. Specifically, the JScript engine brought from IE 8 provides a 400% performance improvement over the original IE 7 scripting engine. In addition gesture support along with zoom and pan support is in this browser.


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  • Windows Embedded Blog

    Ford Makes Its Computex Debut and Unveils Microsoft-powered SYNC to Taiwan

    Posted By Chris Elliott
    Senior Marketing Communications Manager

    Walk around Computex and quickly you’ll see that all the usual tech players are there: Intel, Asus, Samsung and of course Microsoft, just to name a few. But dig a little deeper and you’ll see that one well-known global brand is making its debut this year at the world’s second largest technology tradeshow. That brand: Ford Motor Company.

    What in the Taiwan is Ford doing at Computex? The same thing it has done at other major technology shows such as CES and Mobile World Congress, proving to the world that the automobile is a consumer electronic device — it’s just a really big one. Oh, and it can go zero-to-100 kilometers-per-hour in less than 7 seconds.


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  • Windows Embedded Blog

    Updated Community Technology Preview released for Windows Embedded Standard 8

    Posted By J.T. Kimbell
    Program Manager

    It’s early June, which means that major announcements are coming out that have nerds everywhere excited.  No, I’m not talking about E3. I’m talking about Computex!  Today, we’re excited to announce the release of the second Community Technology Preview for Windows Embedded Standard 8.  In this post David Wurster, a Product Manager on the Windows Embedded team, gives an overview of what to expect in CTP 2 and how to get your hands on it.

    What an exciting week for Microsoft and the Windows Embedded team.  Today,  June 6, Steven Guggenheimer, corporate VP of our OEM Division, announced the availability of the second Windows Embedded Standard 8 community technology preview (CTP) during his keynote at Computex.   Windows Embedded Standard 8 is a flexible OS that provides the capabilities of Windows 8 plus additional features to support embedded device requirements around:

    • Compliance, security & lockdown features to help our partners and customers develop solutions that meet unique industry requirements, as well as provide vital security and lockdown features to manage how data is secured and the devices are accessed by users.
    • Custom branding for partners to differentiate their solutions and create their own user experiences.
    • Management and servicing of the OS and applications to enable new opportunities for partners and value to enterprises.
    • Modularity of the OS to scale to meet the needs of the device.


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