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  • Windows Embedded Blog

    Windows Embedded Standard 8 Third Community Technology Preview Released

    Posted By J.T. Kimbell
    Program Manager

    In June, we announced at Computex in Taiwan the release of the second Community Technology Preview (CTP) for Windows Embedded Standard 8. Building on that momentum, we’re excited to say the third CTP is available today, and David Wurster, a product manager on the Windows Embedded team, is here to tell us more about how you can get a download and try it out.

    Today the Microsoft Windows Embedded team is excited to announce the availability of the third Windows Embedded Standard 8 community technology preview (CTP).

    This release follows the Windows Embedded Standard 8 CTP 2 made available in June and delivers many quality improvements and several new capabilities – including:

    • Alignment with the Windows 8 RTM codebase.
    • New specialized device templates added to provide easy to use blueprints as a starting point for designing the OS for your specialized devices.
    • New features and enhancements around lockdown scenarios, including a special servicing mode for devices that use the Unified Write Filter, and a new ability to block and filter USB ports.
    • Support for even more languages, including Arabic, Dutch, Italian, Russian, Swedish, and Turkish.
    • Many quality improvements, such as a restructured catalog, F1 help available in the Image Configuration Editor (ICE) toolkit, improved USB media creation, and modules to support common applications.

    The Windows Embedded Standard 8 CTP 3 marks another milestone on Windows Embedded Standard 8 roadmap, but your feedback is still needed to ensure that we’re delivering the best product that we possibly can. At Microsoft we are very excited about the possibilities Windows 8 technologies provide for intelligent systems and encourage our partners to download the CTP 3 today.


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  • Windows Embedded Blog

    The Door is Open for You to Kinect

    Posted By The Embedded Ninja

    I’m not sure that many of you know this, but Kinect for Xbox 360 holds the Guinness Book of World Records for the fastest selling consumer electronic device in history.  Since its launch users around the world have been using Kinect in creative new ways.  We’ve dubbed this the “Kinect Effect” here at Microsoft.  Kinect for Windows has taken this even further by opening a doorway into seeing and interacting with the world that many of us thought was solely for the movies.  Just this week the technology behind Kinect for Windows – including Windows Embedded – is on display at New York Fashion Week in the form of Swivel, a virtual dressing room from FaceCake that gives people the chance to try on clothes without changing. What a concept.

    Today, another member of The Embedded Ninja clan, Eric Kamont, shares his observations and examples of leveraging Kinect as part Intelligent Systems.  Kinect and enjoy!


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  • Windows Embedded Blog

    Riding the Wave of Intelligent Systems on the High Seas

    Posted By Barb Edson
    General Manager, Marketing and Business Development

    If you’ve seen the World of Windows video, you’ve seen how many embedded devices can fit into a given day (assuming you are really busy that day), but, during a recent trip to Ft. Lauderdale, I saw what may be one of the biggest uses of Microsoft technology.  And I can’t over emphasize the size of it.

    At nearly a quarter mile long, Royal Caribbean has built the two biggest cruise ships in the world – the Oasis of the Seas and Allure of the Seas.  To put that size in perspective, the Oasis of the Seas can cast a shadow on a 20 story building while stretching across four football fields – and there’s capacity for 8,600 people.

    As the General Manager of Product Marketing at Windows Embedded, I make it a priority to visit our partners and see intelligent systems in action – and the intelligent system built by the team at Royal Caribbean is remarkable to see in person.


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  • Windows Embedded Blog

    Embedded Agility – Manage Work in Process

    Posted By Phillip Cave
    Software Development Engineer

    The introduction to this series on Embedded Agility summarized the transition and ongoing transformation of Windows Embedded to a delivery model based on Lean thinking. That first post outlined 3 basic tenets:

    1. Define small customer based experiences (user stories)
    2. Make all these experiences visible within the execution process in which they are delivered
    3. Manage the work in process of those experiences

    Now that we have defined our work and discussed making it visible, let’s dive into managing all that work in process.

    We generally have enough work to do, so focus on finishing work in process before adding more work. The focus for releasing product is to complete user stories. Having a lot of stories started minimizes our effectiveness to complete them.

    If this means having two team members working on one user story to complete it, then do that. Just because we have eight team members does not mean we start eight user stories. Think about applying our focus to finishing the work, not being busy. We can look very busy but get absolutely nothing done.


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