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  • Windows Embedded Blog

    Windows Embedded Compact v.Next uncovered

    Posted By David Campbell
    Program Manager

    Woo hoo, it’s finally time to share more information about the upcoming release! First, the release now officially has a name: Windows Embedded Compact 2013. (I know that folks probably have questions around why we chose this name. We thoroughly considered a long list of potential names, including Windows CE again, and Windows Embedded Compact 2013 really did receive the best response.)

    I’ll be doing a number of posts about the various key features and changes in Windows Embedded Compact 2013 over the next few posts, but I want to start with arguably the most interesting of the new features: the investments made for Visual Studio 2012 support, both ISV/app development via Visual Studio directly; and the OEM/device development experience with Platform Builder, now hosted in Visual Studio 2012!

    With all development now in Visual Studio 2012, there is no longer a need for multiple versions of Visual Studio to support Compact development alongside other Windows platforms. Plus, you’ll get many of the new features and productivity improvements available in Visual Studio 2012 when developing for Compact! We now have the same C++ toolset and standards supported everywhere. (And of course Visual Studio 2012 includes the new features from Visual Studio 2010, which were not previously to Compact developers.)


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  • Windows Embedded Blog

    Windows Embedded 8 is Intelligent Systems Ready

    Posted By Barb Edson
    General Manager, Marketing and Business Development

    A couple of weeks ago, at the Intelligent Systems Leadership Summit, I had a chance to catch David Wurster’s presentation on new features and functionality in the Windows Embedded 8 platform. As senior product marketing manager for Embedded, David has a great vantage point to see all of the cool things going on with Windows Embedded 8 as the new suite of products are rolled out over the next year. The following is a blog post he put together for me, so we could share those features in this space.

    Over the next year, we're bringing Windows 8 to the embedded market, allowing OEMs, enterprises, developers and other partners to build devices and applications that offer a high-performance, fast, fluid experience without sacrificing any of the security and flexibility that the reimagined Windows delivers:

    • Windows Embedded 8 Standard continues to be our modular, componentized version of Windows 8. We add technologies on top of that to enable industry-specific scenarios. A release preview is available now, with general availability scheduled for March.
    • Windows Embedded 8 Pro is the full version of Windows we'll be bringing through the embedded channel. This will also be available in the March timeframe.
    • Windows Embedded 8 Industry is the new name for our Windows Embedded POSReady product. The reason for the change is that we see the capabilities of this operating system fitting into a much larger number of device categories than just point-of-service. In January, we’ll be offering our first community technology preview of this important release.

    We’ve done a lot of work to make sure Windows Embedded 8 is ready for the world of intelligent systems. In the end, it’s all about being able to deliver the kind of rich, compelling, connected line-of-business experiences that people expect.

    Much of the excitement around the new platform centers on its multi touch and ten-point touch experiences and the capabilities they enable for the device world. Check out the demo video below for a look at how smooth Windows Embedded 8-based applications can be:


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  • Windows Embedded Blog

    An Irishman in Beijing

    Posted By Barb Edson
    General Manager, Marketing and Business Development

    Last week, as China marked a major political milestone, my colleague John Doyle had the great fortune of being in Beijing to celebrate a milestone of sorts for Microsoft: the announcement of the planned roll out of a new suite of Windows Embedded 8 products. John is the director of product management for Windows Embedded; here, he offers his impressions of the historic week.

    Just returned from a week in Beijing. It was a really interesting time to experience the capital city as last Thursday marked the first leadership transition in a decade.



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  • Windows Embedded Blog

    SYNC Fans Help Us Celebrate 5 Years

    Posted By Chris Elliott
    Senior Marketing Communications Manager

    This month, we marked the 5th anniversary of Ford SYNC and 5 million SYNC-equipped vehicles on the road. This is a major milestone for both companies and the technology, so needless to say, we’ve been celebrating a bit!

    The old saying goes, “it takes a village to raise a child.” The same goes for creating an industry leading in-car technology like SYNC. At the Seattle Auto show this month, we brought in our connected car team within Windows Embedded to celebrate our partnership and milestones with Ford. More than 100 of our engineers were on hand, along with Ford's Director of Electrical and Electronics Systems Jim Buczkowski. And of course, there was cake—the only way to celebrate right.

    We’ve also been enjoying SYNC’s success with Ford fans across the country! We recently held a sweepstakes on Twitter giving people an opportunity to win an Xbox 360 with Kinect by tweeting about their favorite SYNC feature. Here’s what you had to say about what you like best about SYNC:

    You love the music features SYNC offers, especially the ability to stream apps like Pandora. And it doesn’t hurt that you can do it all by voice!


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  • Windows Embedded Blog

    November 2012 Security Updates Are on ECE for XPe SP3 and Standard 2009

    The November 2012 Security Updates are now available on the ECE site for Windows® Embedded Standard 2009 and Microsoft® Windows® XP Embedded with Service Pack 3.

    The list below applies to Standard 2009 only:

    • KB2737019 - Vulnerabilities in .NET Framework Could Allow Remote Code Execution
    • KB2729449 - Vulnerabilities in .NET Framework Could Allow Remote Code Execution

    The list below applies to XPe SP3 and Standard 2009:

    • KB2761226 - Vulnerabilities in Windows Kernel-Mode Drivers Could Allow Remote Code Execution
    • KB2729450 - Vulnerabilities in .NET Framework Could Allow Remote Code Execution
    • KB2727528 - Vulnerabilities in Windows Shell Could Allow Remote Code Execution


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