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  • Windows Embedded Blog

    Is it time to grow up our device management ways?

    Posted By The Embedded Ninja

    Ninjas rarely let go of secrets of the universe. It’s universally looked down upon, much like the way a magician explains how he levitated himself or cut his girlfriend in half.

    But I’m going to let you in on a little secret – everyone has to grow up at some point. It’s true. Little kids turn into grown-ups. Baby ninjas (or binjas) grow up to be adult ninjas (though you’d never know since you never see them). Pups grow into full size shedding dogs. Even seedlings turn into the beans that are roasted for the cup of coffee that inspired this blog post. And before you ask, yes, indeed, The Embedded Ninja enjoys his own cup of coffee.

    Upon landing at one of the multiple airports I travel to in pursuit of my customer interactions, I spent the first sixty seconds upon reaching the terminal searching for a coffee stand. I placed an order and paid my way (on an embedded POS system incidentally), and ninja-ed my way over to the pick-up area. Glancing around the terminal, the first thing I saw blew my mind and I had to grab a snapshot. You can see the snapshot for yourself. Let’s break this down...


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  • Windows Embedded Blog

    Intelligent systems in retail: Even the credit-card reader cares!

    Posted By Simon Francis
    Solutions Specialist

    I was speaking recently with employees of a large UK food retailer, and was really impressed with the way they were looking at using even the simplest store device to help build their relationship with their customers and provide valuable insight.

    The more I speak with retailers, the more I hear them speak about improving this relationship, and what better way than providing a simple method of allowing customers to provide their opinions so that organizations can tailor the experience accordingly? Once this customer research is fed back into a central repository, they have the opportunity to survey customers across the country.

    One retailer’s solution was based around one of the lowliest and often overlooked devices–however, we all use them on multiple occasions throughout the day–the credit-card reader; in this case, the chip-and-pin devices that are widespread throughout the UK and continental Europe. At the end of the payment transaction, the stores have coded a simple yes/no question. It started with a simple “Did you enjoy your shopping experience today?” but has now expanded to ask customers questions that help the organization to craft their store service.


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  • Windows Embedded Blog

    Take me out to the ballgame……

    Posted By Jeff Wettlaufer
    Technical Program Manager

    When we talk about Intelligent Systems, we speak about connecting sensors and smart devices through intuitive applications to cloud services. Whether this fabric is lowering the cost of manufacturing for your next car, helping your family doctor prescribe you the right medicine, or making your next shopping experience better, Microsoft technology is in the DNA of the effort. Sometimes, it even effects your day out at the ballpark.

    Most of us think of pro sports stadium experiences from our childhood. Mine was in Edmonton watching the Oilers of the 80’s in mullets and tube skates. The arena was loud. We kept up with the game using a hard copy program in our laps and the few light bulb boards around the rink that showed the score, some out of town info every now and then but not much more. Not much technology in place. Anywhere.

    Today’s kids have it a little different. With the kids back in school, those warm summer nights slowly disappearing into cooler evenings and the trees changing color, our thoughts turn to the autumn. Football coverage takes over the TV networks, and the baseball season heads for the playoffs.


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  • Windows Embedded Blog

    Introducing the Windows Embedded Automotive Team!

    Posted By Pranish Kumar
    Group Program Manager, Windows Embedded Automotive

    Today, Microsoft launched the “Designing the Future of the Intelligent Car” digital series to showcase the team we have working on Microsoft’s automotive solutions and our vision for the intelligent car of the future. To kick-off the series I’ve asked the leader of the Windows Embedded Automotive team, Pranish Kumar, to provide some perspective on the team and the work they are doing.

    Hi – I’m Pranish Kumar and as Group Program Manager for the Windows Embedded Automotive team, I lead the group of developers and designers responsible for building, designing, and maintaining our automotive technology. We released this video series today to introduce some of the team working on the technology that will bring about our vision for the intelligent vehicle. I’m proud of this team. Whether at work or at home, this team is so passionate about cars and the opportunity to use technology to improve the car experience. They bring their work and play together, with many members spending their free time on things like re-building hot rods and participating in car clubs. I invite you to watch the videos to meet the team behind our product and learn about what makes us tick.


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  • Windows Embedded Blog

    Embedded Agility – A Transformation Story

    Posted By Phillip Cave
    Software Development Engineer

    [UPDATE from J.T. (7/30/12) - Phil has now become a blogger on the site and I've moved this post to his page]

    In this post, we hear from Principal Program Manager Phillip Cave, who has spent years practicing Agile and acting as a consultant for those trying to transition to Agile. When Phil’s not moving folks toward Scrum, Kanban, or other Lean methodologies, he enjoys sharing stories at conferences such as Agile West. Phil has consulted at Microsoft and many other organizations large and small for the past 8 years. He has a passion for helping others see the pragmatic application of Lean thinking and recognizes that successful transformations are carried out by teams that see the opportunity and embrace change. When not following his passion to help teams, Phil enjoys the beauty of the Pacific Northwest with a variety of activity from rowing crew to hiking the back country.

    This is just the first of a series of blog posts on Agile. For each of the headings below, Phil will spend some more time in the future fleshing them out and giving us more detail.

    Company transformations take time and energy. People are asked to move from one location to another intellectually. Moving is not always easy for some. Some love to move, to explore, to try new things, the author of this blog entry falls into that camp; others not so much and still more others are ambivalent.

    This is the (short) story of the transformation taking place in the Windows Embedded group within Microsoft. The journey began as all journeys do; someone spoke up about not being satisfied with the status quo in the delivery of product solutions. Our ability to respond to the changing market place and the changing landscape in technology towards devices makes us think of how we deliver business value quickly. People with experience in the transformation heard that voice and thus the transformation was born. A consultant with experience was hired and combined with the internal team members the transformation took root.


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