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    Welcome to the “new and improved” :) Windows Embedded Compact blog! This is part of our new, consolidated Approaching Embedded Intelligently blog effort to provide updated content, consolidate existing content, feature guest bloggers and, most importantly, provide a common place to get updated information.

    As a quick introduction, I’m David Campbell; I’m a Program Manager (PM) on the Windows Embedded Compact team. I’ve been involved with Windows Embedded Compact/Windows CE since Windows CE 1.0 as a PM. Over the years I’ve been responsible for a variety of technologies, and most recently I’ve been driving the overall releases.

    The Windows Embedded Compact team’s mission has evolved over the years, but a large portion of our mission and goals remain the same. We continue to provide a Microsoft OS solution for high volume, small footprint, real-time devices. An OS that is stable & reliable, with a long support cycle and ideal for high availability devices. Windows Embedded Compact fits into Microsoft’s overall offerings with its APIs and tools aligning with Windows to provide a familiar development experience right out of the box.

    There have been a number of great bloggers for Compact over the years and I encourage you to read them, including Olivier Bloch, Sue Loh, Steve Maillet, Mike Hall, and Doug Boling to name a few. While some of our bloggers haven’t posted in a while, much of the information remains relevant; this is a testament to the stability and longevity of the Compact product. It also shows how dispersed the information is, which is something we’ll try to improve with these articles.


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