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    Windows Embedded at MMS 2012

    Posted By Pavel Bansky
    Program Manager

    Microsoft Management Summit is a big conference held in Las Vegas ever year targeted to IT-Pros. All the players that mean something in computer management, operations and virtualization are present. Tickets are usually sold out months ahead and this year they were sold out very quickly, since the new version of Configuration Manager was launched.

    Windows Embedded team attended the conference, presenting its Windows Embedded Device Manager 2011 and concept of intelligent systems. As you probably know Windows Embedded Device Manager extends capabilities of Configuration Manager for features related to embedded devices. It was very pleasant to see that embedded devices are making its way into enterprises and its capabilities become more and more relevant, so IT-Pros and system administrator are looking for scalable ways of device management. Comparing to last year when most people thought that embedded device is a phone (I’m mean it kind of is, but it’s not as cool as Coca Cola Freestyle machine), this year people were approaching us with specific questions about their devices and how Windows Embedded Device Manager can help them. Windows Embedded powered thin-clients, point-of-service terminals and digital signage are simply becoming first class citizen “computers” inside of the companies.

    The Windows Embedded booth was setup as a big Intelligent System demo with six different Windows Embedded devices: thin-clients, surface, digital signage, ruggedized tablet and Windows Embedded server (alright, alright Windows Phone was there as well). The whole demo was created as a shopping experience from near future. Customers are interacting with shopping window, storing items in the cart on their phones, exploring related items on the surface table, and putting on virtual clothes, while shop assistant has a perfect overview of the store sales data, customer profiles and ordering process in their tablets.


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