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    Creating Visio COM Add-ins with Visual Studio 2005

    The Add-in/Add-on wizards that shipped with the Visio 2003 SDK are designed for Visual Studio 2003. They don’t work with Visual Studio 2005. You can still easily create Visio COM add-ins in VS2005 with just a couple extra steps by using the Shared Add...
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    Additional tricks for building UI mockups with Visio

    In this post , Mai-lan talks about how we use Visio to build mockups of the UI for new features. Of course, when you are building these types of mockups, it is usually important to show the flow through the feature. In other words, you create a number...
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    Save as Web and IE security

    The Visio "Save as Web Page" feature (updated in Visio 2003) is really great if you need to put your diagram on the web (File>Save as Web Page...). It goes way beyond just showing you a static image -- you can also pan and zoom, check out the custom...
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