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January, 2004

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    ExitThread() in managed program?

    I've seen people calls OS's ExitThread in managed applications via PInvoke to exit a managed thread, like this: [DllImport( "Kernel32.dll")] public static extern void ExitThread(int exitCode); public static void Run () { ... // calling OS's ExitThread...
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    OutOfMemoryException and Pinning

    As you all know, in CLR memory management is done by Garbage collector (GC). When GC can't find memory in preallocated memory chunk (GC heap) for new objects and can't book enough memory from the OS to expand GC heap, it throws OutOfMemoryException (OOM...
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    Hello world!

    Hello, everybody. I'm Yun Jin, a dev works in CLR's Quick Response Team under Michael Stanton . As Michael mentioned in his blog, our job mostly involves debugging, analyzing and fixing all kinds of weird stress failures in CLR and partner teams. CLR...
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