For My Hardcore Readers...

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For My Hardcore Readers...

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Who wants a copy of Visual Studio 2008 Pro?  Just put a comment on this post before midnight tonight CST and I will pick someone to receive it.  Good luck!

  • Sure, I would like my name in the hat.  I am using the express version but am missing visual form inheritance and the mobile support....


  • I do!



  • nice blog

  • Hi..

    There's my comment.


  • Free is good, and I'll put it to good use, like porting my online version of Khet to the xbox. :) If you've never played Khet before, check it out at

  • Hey!... You're not kidding! Right?

    Okay, here's my comment.

    Now, where's my shining, new, pristine copy of VS2008? :)


  • Interesting way to gather some sort of reader statistics and/or to increase the comment count :) I am unsure if I qualify as a one of your hardcore readers though...

  • How could pass on a contest like this?!

  • I'd like a copy of Visual Studio 2008 Pro.

  • ok, Here's my comment!  

  • Thanks for your offer, I would like to have it, so I don't have to keep trying the trial version :-)

  • Pick me!

    remove "(oogle)" and "fake_" from the linked address.

  • Still using VS 2005 w/many updates... upgrade me!


  • H, I want a copy of Visual Studio 2008 Professional. Than you.

  • Just a Good Old Kentucky Boy trying to get in the hunt for a Pro Version of Visual Studio 2008

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