For My Hardcore Readers...

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For My Hardcore Readers...

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Who wants a copy of Visual Studio 2008 Pro?  Just put a comment on this post before midnight tonight CST and I will pick someone to receive it.  Good luck!

  • I won't mind one :)

  • Seems to be on.  Good luck to me :)


  • It just occurred to me that I was not signed in, didn't know if it matters or not.  Anyways, I've seen a couple of your events in OKC and hope to see some more MSDN events soon.


  • I'd love a free copy of Visual Studio 2008 Pro!  Please contact me here:

    tron5000 at

  • Would love a copy, Microsoft technology just gets better and better.

  • sure, why not...

  • Not really one of your hardcore readers, I was just scanning through the MS blogs and happened upon yours, but wouldn't the copy of VS2008!

    And considering that the current messages just appeared to be machine generated, I guess I have a chance :-)

    But I guess it depends where in the world you are (what timezone is CST?) - for it to be before midnight!

    Anyway, if you are feeling generous...

  • sure can use my own copy

  • Visual Studio 2008 Pro - this is a great thing to have, I'd even say a musthave.

    Thank you for being so good to us readers.


  • I want! h u a n 0 8 6 [at] h o t m a i l [dot] c o m

  • Wow, I'd love that. Not beeing able to create a Silverlight project with C# Express is a major slowdown for me. So I experiment now with Flex / Air / AS3 / FlashDevelop / FlexBuilder / AMF ... save me (would pay for transport and French wine ;) )...


    - VS2008 standard is too expansive for hobbies Open Source projects

    - Argh, Silverlight 2 and IronPython seem tempting.

  • Hi Zain,

    Just checking out your web casts on regular epressions... I don't know how the time difference thing works out (I'm in the UK!) but would love a copy of Visual Studio 2008 :)


  • I Zain,

    I do!

    I did post a comment last night, is your blog having problems?


  • Sure, I'd love a copy!

  • I would love a copy of VS 2008 Pro! (

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