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For My Hardcore Readers...

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Who wants a copy of Visual Studio 2008 Pro?  Just put a comment on this post before midnight tonight CST and I will pick someone to receive it.  Good luck!

  • Prob too late but,

    Me me me !

  • Yup, I am interested as well, but somehow I think I missed the boat.

  • I posted this last week but figured i better re-post here in this thread :)


    Congratulations!  I used my special contest algorithm (i.e. my wife) to randomly pick a winner and here is her pick.  Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!

    Email me ASAP at :)

    For everyone else, don't despair as we have launch events coming up and I will most likely be getting more free copies to give away.  Keep looking for more swag and thanks for reading the blog!

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