Today Microsoft is releasing to web an important update to the SSMA (SQL Server Migration Assistant) family of products which includes support for both Access and MySQL.

This release makes it possible to move data directly and easily from local Microsoft Access databases or MySQL databases into SQL Azure and  realize the benefits of cloud computing.  This enables two key new scenarios:


1)      Microsoft Access provides a powerful rapid application development environment for information workers, teams and departments to quickly develop solutions that track, manage, prioritize, and act upon business information.  When scenarios require increased scalability in a managed IT environment, you can “upsize” your data from the Access Jet engine to the full relational database of SQL Azure.  By transitioning from the Access database to SQL Azure (using the migration assistant), you get a self-managing, highly available and scalable cloud relational database back-end built on proven and familiar SQL Server technologies.  Best of all, your existing Access application front ends can continue to be used with the data now residing in SQL Azure – often with very little modification needed!  Access 2010 can connect transparently to SQL Azure data, opening up opportunities for Access users and technology providers to create rich experiences (using the familiar Access application environment they already use) while leveraging the benefits of the cloud on a “pay as you grow” elastic basis.


2)      MySQL databases can also be easily moved to the cloud, to help you better consolidate your disparate departmental or ad-hoc data into a centrally managed and highly scalable environment on SQL Azure.  As part of this release, Microsoft is also releasing the SSMA for MySQL v1 which allows migration from MySQL databases (v4.1 and above) to SQL Azure.


For more information on how to use Access 2010 with SQL Azure, please also see the detailed blog that was posted at TechEd which walks through how to get started.  Please note that at the time of the TechEd it was not possible to move data directly to SQL Azure – now it is possible using this new update.


The SSMA toolkits were designed to tackle the complex manual process that customers deal with when migrating databases. By using the SQL Server Migration Assistants, customers and partners reduce the manual effort; as a result the time, cost and risks associated with migrating are significantly reduced. 


The latest SQL Server Migration Assistant is available for free download and preview at:

1.       SSMA for Access v4.2 out of the two downloads, ‘SSMA 2008 for Access’ enables migration to SQL Azure

2.       SSMA for MySQL v1.0, out of the two downloads, ‘SSMA 2008 for MySQL’ enables migration to SQL Azure