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September, 2008

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    Silverlight 2 RC0 Is Released!

    You can find the latest info on Silverlight 2 RC0 at http://silverlight.net/GetStarted/sl2rc0.aspx An important note: you can only use the RC for development right now - you can't go live with the new APIs until the final release is shipped (which...
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    Microsoft Invites You to the MSDN Mid-Atlantic Roadshow at Roanoke VA and Baltimore MD

    8:30-9:00 Registration and Welcome 9:00-10:15 Web Development Basics 10:15-10:30 Morning Break 10:30-11:45 What's New in the .NET 3.5 Framework for Web Developers and Intro to ASP.NET MVC 11:45-12:30 Lunch Break 12:30-1:45 AJAX Development...
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    How to Create Silverlight Business Application

    One of my local influentials Manish Dalal has recently blogged about how to build a business application using Silverlight. He documented in detail how to add, delete and synchronize items in a data driven application. While Silverlight has been widely...
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