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Thoughts about setup and deployment issues, WiX, XNA, the .NET Framework and Visual Studio

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  • I downloaded VC express and MSND express successfully, but I couldn't download .NET Framework. The error is "404 - File or directory not found". Any one can help?
  • I am looking into this issue with the links that are provided on the manual install instructions. In the meantime, it appears that this link will work:

  • It works. Thank you very much!
  • Thanks for the link. Finally it was out. Cheers.
  • Where can one obtain Veritest apptester?

    Thank you.
  • Sorry to trouble you.
    That's a cool utility and save our time to write the DUA script.
    But can you add a function and let the DUA get the file from the difference web folder on the web server?


  • I've looked at the descriptions of colours and they look no better than bad newspaper horoscopes to me (ie ambiguous enough that your opinion will fit with them no matter what it is)

  • It's available from the Veritest website.

  • Hi, I'm glad that you're finding DUAScriptGen to be useful. There is already some support in the tool to poll and download files from different folders on your web server. In Tool | Options... you can set the polling option to "Poll HTTP location" and then in the "location to poll" textbox enter the path in the form server/share. DUAScriptGen will use the portion of the location before the / as the server name and the remainder as a relative path from that server location.

    If you get a chance please try this out and let me know if you see any problems...hope this helps!
  • First time instrl user here.
    I don't get it how to use this exclusion file with inctrl. Can you please explain how to use it?
  • It appears that the formatting of the file that I posted is not recognized by InCtrl5. I know that you can manually add registry keys and hives by clicking the Registry button in the InCtrl5 tool but you have to do that one-by-one. I will work on a correctly formatted exclusion list and post an update later this weekend.
  • Thank you!
  • There is not a way to exclude files in the InCtrl5 tool, so you will need to look at the exclusion list that I previously linked to and manually exclude them after running the tool for the setup you are trying to model.

    For registry keys, I have created a new file in the correct format at http://www.winisp.net/astebner/bin/inctrl5_registry.txt. You can download this file, rename it to InCtrl5.ini, and copy it to \Program Files\InCtrl5 on the machine that you have installed InCtrl5. This will cause the tool to ignore the registry keys/values when analyzing a setup.

    Hope this helps....
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