Visual Studio “14” CTP 3 Now Available

Visual Studio “14” CTP 3 Now Available

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Today we released Visual Studio "14" CTP 3 and an early build of the .NET Framework (read the announcement on the Visual Studio blog here). Grab it from the Microsoft Download Center or from MSDN subscriber downloads or save some setup time and use a ready-to-use VM in Azure.

In this CTP, we continue enhancing our C/C++ standard conformance support in addition to overall C++ user productivity improvements:

  • Simplified QI Template Deduction - Visual Studio will now attempt to simplify templates and typedefs in parameter help and quickinfo to make them easier to read.
  • Convert to Raw-String Literal - You can now refactor string literals littered with escape sequences into a much more easily-readable raw-string format. Supported sequences are \n \t \\ \' \" and \? (new line, tab, backslash, single quote, double quote, and question mark, respectively).
  • Rename Symbol - The Rename Symbol extension for VS2013 (titled "Visual C++ Refactoring on VS Gallery") has now been integrated into the product, with additional functionality like being able to cancel the operation if it is taking too long.
  • Create Declaration/Definition - Updated by replacing SmartTags with LightBulbs with SmartTags, which are more visible and easier to click on.
  • Support for the thread_local storage specifier, which allows objects to be stored separately for each thread

For those of you looking for the Multibyte MFC Library, it is available here as part of the Visual Studio "14" STP 3 release. 

For more details including a complete list of known issues going back to CTP1, review the Visual Studio "14" Release Notes. As always, we look forward to your feedback. Share feature suggestions on UserVoice, log bugs you find on our Connect site and send us a smile or frown from inside the IDE. We review all of the feedback we receive!


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  • `thread_local` support sounds great, thanks!

  • Is it now safe to install CTP 3 alongside 2013?

  • J, it should work SxS with prior releases - VS 2013, 2012, 2010.

  • > it should work SxS with prior releases

    Thanks. It might be a good idea to add this to the release notes, since it was part of the known issues for CTP 1 and 2 (

    It also doesn't look like comments can be replied to directly, which is unfortunate.

  • Good to see thread_local :D

    PS: we have C++14

  • Hello Eric,

    can Pat Brenner please let us know what bugs have been fixed in the new MFC version? And if there are any new features for MFC :-D :-D  

    Thanks and greetings,


  • The rename is nice but not sufficient. Are you planning to add more refactoring capabilities?

  • Why can't the installer auto-download the  Multibyte MFC Library when requested?

  • @Dvir,

    We have added a few more refactoring features so far in the "14" release in addition to "Rename symbol":

      - Create Declaration/Definition,

      - Implement pure virtuals,

      - Move method definition,

      - Convert to raw-string literals

    We have several other refactoring ideas we'd like to work on but your reception/feedback on the ones we already shipped + suggestions for new refactorings you'd like to see in future versions is critically important for us, so please let us know what you think


    Marian Luparu

    Visual C++

  • J, to follow up.

    >> add to the release notes

    The download page includes the following note about compatibility right under the download links. "Although these CTPs are intended to be installed side-by-side with earlier versions of Visual Studio, complete compatibility on every CTP is not guaranteed. "

    We do need to tweak the release notes for clarity. I'll post again when we have made the change.

    Thanks for your feedback!

    -Eric & Visual C++ team

  • The only thing I was missing from the VC12 rename extension was that the dialog wasn't cancelable. Thanks a lot!

  • @Moritz: no big new features in MFC but we've fixed a bunch of bugs. Here is the list so far, plus we have more fixes in the works:

    ID  Title

    693983  CRT assert: MFC Assert Dialog displaying incorrect path for "Program"

    705613  Increase buffer size of CFileDialog::m_szFileTitle to more than 64 characters

    739960  MFC tab control is not navigable via accessibility

    750972  CDockablePane isn’t redrawn correctly

    753031  Remove dwOSVer member from tagPROPHEADER struct in ctlimpl.h, and usages of GetVersion API

    764165  Large context-menu-popup-submenus opened on the lower screen half get cropped

    803242  packed alignment causes x64 issues with Windows structures and methods, such as BITMAP and CBitmap::GetBitmap

    803866  MFC Ribbon Application exit abnormally when hit the round application button

    807659  [MFC] Error in afxext.h: 'CMetaFileDC::CMetaFileDC(const CMetaFileDC &)' : attempting to reference a deleted function

    813661  MFC: some items on CMFCColorDialog are not shown as expected on Windows 8 Japanese

    815026  Unable to start MFC application as it still refers to  MSVCR120D.dll which is absent in D14_SxS

    816615  MFC method CArchiveStream::SetSize should not return E_NOTIMPL, but S_OK

    824134  CMFCToolTipCtrl has repaint issues on Windows 8/8.1

    829573  _MBCS_Installed property in CppTargets\Microsoft.CppBuild.targets checks registry for mbcsmfc.coremsi - but does not check DisableRegistryUse property

    834549  MFC's CEditView::FindText() isn't compatible with Unicode.

    836932  calling GetRect() on the icon argument of CMFCRibbonGallery::OnClickPaletteIcon when in popup mode returns empty rectangle (0,0,0,0)

    860380  not checked null condition in CThreadSlotData::GetThreadValue

    879573  MFC - Ribbon, popupmenu, repaint bug

    881792  vc_mfc.mbcs installation failure and undo name change of vc_mbcsmfc to vc_mfc.mbcs

    889817  Title bar of an MFC application disappears after closing remote desktop session

    890518  ActiveX bitmap push button built in VS 2010 to VS 2013

    892884  Re-enable disabled MFC tests (once MFC is dependent on MSVCR140)

    896535  VC_MFCforMBCS installation failure in WCFB02 branch

    903686  Wrong SAL annotation for CTreeCtrl::SetImageList

    905015  Static analysis warning for MFC CTreeCtrl::SetImageList method

    910503  VS2012 MFC issue in CMFCPropertyGridToolTipCtrl

    916001  MFC public global/static functions need to have explicit calling convention

    933389  CFileException from CDocument::SetPathName contains no information about path name

    933473  MFC Print Preview button too small for Korean text

    940375  [devatlmfc]cascade with the warning of  the header file

    944635  MFC MDI Win7 Wild Flickering for several seconds.

    964637  MFC resource strings should be updated to new format specifiers

    966702  [MFC]Cascade with type conversion from 'size_t' to 'DWORD',may cause loss of data

    987872  MFC CMDIChildWndEx bug - follow up

    990621  CMFCToolBarComboBoxButton OnDraw problem

    If you want to know more about specific bugs, let me know. Ask here or email arturl at microsoft dot com.

    Artur Laksberg,

    VC++ Libs Team.

  • Always love bug fixes ^_^

    Gonna try this on my VM

  • A small question, does VC protect against concurrent execution of static locals construct? For example, code like this:

    class Somewhere



       static StaticStuff& GetStaticStuff()


           static StaticStuff staticStuff;

           return staticStuff;



    Will it work properly in multi-thread environment?

  • horeaper: That's N2660 magic statics, supported by VS14 CTP1. Note that this feature protects only construction/destruction, not usage.

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